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Jun 6, 2017


The first time we experienced TWG was when we were in Singapore on our holiday. The tea room looked so inviting that we just had to have a couple of tea there. Of course, we were not the only one with this genius idea and had to wait 30 minutes to be seated, hoping it is worth the wait. And oh my... it definitely was!


We can still remember that we ordered the Singapore Breakfast Tea and since then this tea belongs to one of our all-time favourites. Now 1,5 years later we are still longing in the Netherlands for the TWG tea. Luckily two of our good friends went to Asia and brought some TWG tea for us. A couple from Hong Kong and also from Singapore. Of course, the Singapore Breakfast Tea was on the ordering list next to some new teas we wanted to try out, like the Coconut and the Holiday In Paris tea. The tea that we received are loose leaves but are also available in tea bags.



The coconut tea is a nutty flavored blend of black tea with small pieces of coconut. This tea is definitely for those who likes to drink their tea strong.


Holiday In Paris consist of rare Yin Zhen, vanilla, Nard and Wildflowers. This tea has a sweet and floral flavor. A tea that will fall into taste for those who have a sweet tooth.


Singapore Breakfast Tea is a natural blend of green tea, black tea, vanilla and some secret spices they won't reveal. We can say that the vanilla really mixes well with the spices they used. One of them is definitely cinnamon but the rest will remain a mystery. What we really like about the Singapore Breakfast and Holiday In Paris tea, is that they both have a very complex flavor. Something we don’t recognize but find very pleasant to taste. The experience of finding out new flavors is something we hope to come across more often while drinking perfumed tea.



For those who are not familiar with TWG, it is a tea brand that is founded in Singapore. They are specialized in the most exclusive teas. Every year their tea tasters are traveling around the world to make the most exclusive tea blend, and this is something you can definitely taste. Besides that, they also have a wide range of luxurious tea accessories.


If you ever want to experience the TWG tea, you can look up the nearest tea room on their website or order it online! In any case, we cannot wait to try out all the other tea blends because their tea in our opinion is so great that we often use it as a measurement to evaluate the quality of other perfumed teas.


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