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Dec 6, 2016

Sunday morning is definitely our favourite morning of the week. You do not have to rush, and you can take your time to start the day. In the perfect world, the sun will be shining as well, but for now, in The Netherlands we just have to leave that to our imagination.


Today we choose to start our Sunday with Miss Dammann from Dammann Frères, that we bought in Paris. It is a green tea with ginger pieces, lime essential oil and passion fruit flavour. It taste as great as it smells! It has a subtle fruity background flavour with hints of ginger to wake you up.


It seems that we are not the only one who are a little bit addicted to this tea. When friends and family  are visiting, their preference always goes out to Miss Dammann. Our container is also almost finished and we are definitely going to restock this tea!


We hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and will take more time to relax with a wonderful cup of tea. Because life is not just only about working hard, rushing from one place to another. Take time to be with your loved ones <3


Miss Dammann x H&M Home


Fresh croissants and fresh fruit


Dammann Frères



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