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Aug 16, 2016


When we visited the Formocha tea store in Amsterdam we could not resist their amazing tea collection. We just had to buy some for our personal collection. If you would like to read more about Formocha, we wrote a post about it that you can read here.


So let us start with the tea that we were most excited about. The ripe Pu-erh tea which is 15 years old. This is the first time we tasted a Pu-erh, but read a lot about it. It is considered a very healthy tea that helps with weight loss and lowering your blood pressure. The first thing that we notice is the very strong earthy smell. When you take a sip, you can resemble the taste as (among the Dutchies) to ”Zoethout”. This tea will fall greatly in the taste of strong tea drinkers.



We also got the Organic Green tea, Bi Lou Chun. The literary translation is: ”Green Snail Spring”. This is because, the tea is rolled up into a tight spiral, that resembles a snail. Surprisingly this tea has a fruity taste and a floral aroma. Lovely as an afternoon tea or when you just want a relaxing moment for yourself.


The next one is an Oolong, one of our favourite type of tea. We decided to go with the Jin Xuan, also known as ”Milky Oolong”, Oolong with a milky undertone, originated from Taiwan. Drinking this tea is like drinking a milkshake! very creamy undertone. A perfect dessert tea for after dinner.



Besides that, the owner gave us a package of the Raw Pu-erh from 2011 present. This Raw Pu-erh has as more bolder flavour than the ripe Pu-erh. The raw Pu-erh has also a fresher smell and a sweeter aftertaste. We believe that if you decided to start with a Pu-erh, then the Raw Pu-erh is the best choice, to begin with.


We can’t wait to go there again and try out the other teas. We are very lucky that this tea store is in our town!


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