Tea Talk


Sep 13, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we were in Paris and bumped into the Betjeman & Barton glass and wood shop, located in the Boulevard Malesherbes. When we entered the beautiful tea boutique, we were quite surprised on how big their collection was on perfumed teas.


Due to our tight schedule that day, we had to make a quick decision on which tea we were taking back home. After a few tea tastings, there was one tea that really got both of our attention, The Malesherbes tea. This tea contains Sencha green tea, strawberry pieces and rose petals. Next to that, this tea has also been scented with passion fruit, bush peach and wild strawberry. As you can imagine the smell and taste of this tea are very sweet, fresh and fruity. The kind of tea that will bring the summer back into your home.


Be sure to try this tea out and let us know what you think of it!


Links for the web shop: Betjeman and Barton International link and Betjeman and Barton NL



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