Tea Talk


Sep 6, 2016


If you really want to impress someone, setting a tea flower is the answer. It is amazing to see how the tea flower unfolds itself in the water. When you set it, it is best to pour boiling water in a see through glass teapot and gently drop the tea flower in the water. Don't go or do anything else before you miss the show!


The process of making a tea flower is very labour intensive. It requires precision work to stitch all the loose leafs together; therefore the price of a tea flower is quite high but definitely worth it!


The tea flower that we bought is made out of green tea and Calenduleae (goudsbloem) and is purchased from the tea store “Het Kleinste Huis van Amsterdam", as well as one of our favourite squared glass teapot that you can see in the photo. What makes Het Kleinste Huis van Amsterdam so special is that it is literally the smallest house in Amsterdam. Next to that you can make a reservation for the whole floor to have an afternoon tea with your friends and family privately! The price goes from €9,95 p.p to what ever you like! Not bad right? A review of Het Kleinste Huis will be available soon!


Location: Oude Hoogstraat 22, 1012 CE Amsterdam



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