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Jun 13, 2017

On Sunday 28th of May, we visited The Dutch Tea Festival and came across a lot of interesting tea brands. One of the tea brands that really surprised us with their concept is Cupkes!


Cupkes has a wide variety of tea selection but next to that they have a whole line dedicated to children named “Kekke Kinderthee“. That doesn’t mean that the tea is no longer meant for us grown-ups, but they are specially designed to make children drink more tea instead of soft drinks.




The reason why children might favour the Cupkes tea more than regular tea is because of the delicious aroma and the natural sweet taste that comes from the different types of dried fruits. Furthermore, the Kekke Kinderthee line doesn’t contain thein (theïne) and can be used to make ice tea too. Perfect for the upcoming summer. Just add some fresh fruits and you don’t want anything else!



When we received our Cupkes package it was a real joy to open it. Different types of teas packed in well-insulated bags and decorated with their own beautiful and colourful illustrations that the founder Marijke, designed!


We think that Kekke Kinderthee from Cupkes is a great and fun concept, which why it definitely is worth to try out. If you are curious about Cupkes and their tea, take a look at their website: www.cupkes.nl

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