Tea Talk


Jun 20, 2017

The Camellia Sinensis from "Tea by me" is a tea plant that is produced especially for the climate of The Netherlands. This allows you to start your own tea plantation right in your backyard!


We bought this tea plant at the Dutch Tea Festival in Utrecht. You can say that it was love at
first sight and had to take one home with us!


Besides that it’s pretty amazing to have a tea plant in your backyard, balcony or in your living room, you can even process this tea plant into a green, black, white or even Oolong tea! The Camellia Sinensis favors moisture ground and air. So water it regularly. Even though this type of Camellia Sinensis can handle cold weather well, you still need to give this plant some winter protection.


Would you like to have this tea plant too? You can buy this Camellia Sinensis from "Tea by me" at Bakker.com (NL shipping)



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