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Jun 27, 2017


A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend of ours went to London and brought us detox teas from Harrods.

The Harrods Infusion Cleanse and Infusion Radiance comes in a beautiful caddy and contains tea bags made from silk.



The Infusion Cleanse is a very refreshing tisane that is made of peppermint, ginger and fennel. These ingredients help your body to restore its natural balance by cleansing and recovering it. We don not recommend drinking this detox tisane in the evening before you go to sleep because it is quite effective unless you are willing to go to the bathroom often in the middle of the night.




The Infusion Radiance is also a tisane but this one is made of hibiscus, rose hips and berries. A very interesting tea that is designed to improve the radiance of your skin. In our opinion, the flavour and effect of this tea are less intense than the Infusion Cleanse and might fall in good taste for those who like the more fruitier taste.



We definitely cannot wait to visit London ourselves and discover the teas that they offer. If you have any recommendations of tea rooms to visit let us know in the comment section below!

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