Tea Talk


Dec 13, 2016


Tea consist  99% of water. Therefore the water that you use is just as important as the tea leaves itself. In The Netherlands, where we can all drink delicious water from the tap, it is still recommended to use bottled water to bring out the best of your tea.


This especially for when you start to invest in more quality teas. The reason why bottled water is recommended, is because tap water usually contains a high dose  of chalk which is largely made up of calcium and magnesium. This will eventually affect the taste, even if it is subtle you will notice it. Next to that, steeping your tea in boiled tap water often leaves a thin sheet-like layer floating on top of your tea… and that is not what you want right? So what should you look for if you are planning to use bottled water? Because not all the bottled waters are the same!


It is important to use water that is ‘’soft’’. Soft water contains less magnesium and calcium in contrary to hard water (e.g. tap water). This also means that the water contains as little as possible chalk. Also, it is important to have water that has a neutral pH value as possible (6 – 7).


What we like to use at home is a water boiler with a filter build in. Just in case if we are out of bottled water.

So what do you prefer? A filter in your boiler, bottled water or just tap? Let us know in the comment section!

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