Citeas, Amsterdam


Jul 13, 2017

We love to see that more and more restaurants and hotels in the Netherlands are offering loose leaves tea. Because it really saddens us when we are looking at a menu that displays all different kind of coffees and only offering the good ‘ol bagged earl grey, green and English blend tea.


Hotel de L 'Europe is one of the few hotels that really sets itself apart from other hotels and even restaurants, serving a fully pledged tea menu!



Furthermore, they also make all kinds of French pastries. Like having a small part of Paris right in our capital.





Another forte of Hotel de L’Europe is the beautiful classic interior. A room filled with diamond chandeliers and big paintings hanging on the walls. In the summer you can even sit outside on their terrace and enjoy the view of Amsterdam.




Be sure to stop by at Hotel de L’Europe located at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14, 1012 CP Amsterdam for a cup tea or even an Afternoon Tea and share us your experience!




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