Citeas, Camaron Highlands


Aug 2, 2016


Have you ever arrived somewhere and became totally speechless of a view? Well… the view of Cameron Highland tea field did that to us.
It was a tiring 3-hour drive starting from the centre of Kuala Lumpur, but it was worth every second of it. We still remember like it was the day of yesterday, that our driver told us that he needed to stretch his legs and pulled over at a teahouse located high in the mountains. With our eyes still half closed we stepped out of the car and immediately woke up by the amount of fresh air we got and the subtle smell of tea. We grabbed each other’s hands and almost ran to the back of the teahouse to see the stunning tea field stretching out as far as the eye can see. There we were, standing still and speechless for almost 10 minutes while enjoying the view. Sadly enough we couldn’t stay there long enough to grab a cup of tea, due to the expectancy of a long traffic jam. So we went inside the teahouse and stock up on tea and souvenirs for our family and friends. When visiting Cameron Highland, make sure to stop at the Cameron Valley Tea House!




BOH Tea Centre and Factory

On our last day in Cameron Highland we went from our amazing Hotel De’ La Ferns to the BOH Heritage Tea Centre and Factory. We just wanted to see a tea factory with our own eyes before we went back to Kuala Lumpur! After an adventurous ride uphill on a narrow and slippery road (that only fits one car literally), we finally arrived at the top where the factory is based.


The BOH Tea Centre and Factory is a tea-processing factory that is open to the public. BOH Tea is considered the largest producer of tea in Malaysia, based primarily in Cameron Highlands with three large plantations across Ringlit and Brinchang.


When arriving at the factory there are three activities that you can take part of and it’s all for free! You don’t even have to pay an entrance fee, how nice is that! The three activities are as follow:


1. Take a guided tour through the factory, where they discuss the processes that their tea is going through.


2. There is a restaurant with an amazing view. You can just sit back and relax. Buy a cup of tea and even some pastries.


3. Climb up the stairs made out of bricks and ropes to get a top view of the surrounding.


In our case, we couldn’t climb all the way up due to the rain and foggy weather. But still had the time of our life, seeing how tea is being processed and enjoying the breath-taking scenery. A must go place for all the tea lovers!




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