Citeas, Venice


Oct 18, 2016


After reading the title you might be thinking, a tea house in Italy? Well, even though Italy is well known for their cappuccinos, in Venice, the city of water, we found a beautiful spot where you can relax and enjoy a couple of tea. 😉


Before we start talking about the tea house, we must say that we were absolutely stunned by the beauty of the city. The moment we entered Venice by boat, it feels like entering a whole new world that only consists of boats, gondola, old architectural buildings and lots of small bridges and canals.



After getting lost way too many times (believe us, we are not the only one), we found the perfect tea house that might be worthy of your time. At least for us it definitely was. But first, we would like to give a big compliment to our hotel Palazzo Paruta, for making our stay unforgettable and of course for the free afternoon tea that they serve for their guest every day. Yes, you have read it right! Free afternoon tea! Ok... we must admit that the tea was not that special, but still… normally you would pay 20 euros plus to do an afternoon tea at a café or tea house.



Besides that, there was only one café/ tea house that stood out in quality and experience from the rest that we visited. This café is called Caffè Florian, located at the famous square, Piazza San Marco.




Even though the weather in Venice is very hot, we do recommend to sit inside the café (don’t worry, they have good air-conditioning).  The interior design of Caffè Florian will immediately catch your eyes as it takes you back to the rich history of Venice. The Art work on the walls and ceilings makes you feel like that you are drinking your cup of tea in an old but well-preserved museum. It does make sense since the café was opened on 29th December 1720 by Floriano Francesconi as “Alla Venezia Trionfante” (To the Triumphant Venice). The Café changed its name due to the clientele subsequently rechristened it “Caffè Florian” in honour of its owner. Caffè Florian is even considered the oldest café in Europe.




Looking at the tea section of Florian’s menu card, they offer an afternoon tea menu as well as a wide range of loose leaves house blends and even different types of blooming teas! As for ourselves, we tried the Florian blooming tea, Sogno Veneziano (Rooibos with apple, flavours and almond pieces) and the Venezia 1720 (Richly spiced Orange Pekoe Tea with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg). A review of the teas will be following soon because we bought a bunch of them to try out with our own tea equipment. But we can already say that the teas that we tried out in Venice were not bad at all! We do have an important thing to mention about Caffè Florian which is, that you have to pay 6 euros per person for the live music that they play outside the café. Next to that, be also aware that the prices are rather high, and that is mainly because of the location where the café is located. Further, than that, Café Florian is a must go if you ever decide to go to Venice for your holidays.


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