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Aug 1, 2017


We are back in Italy! But this time in the eternal city, Rome. To our surprise, Rome has quite a few tea rooms to offer. We even found a tea boutique on the way! But we will save that for next week.


Today it is all about Babington’s tea room. A tea room located literally next to the famed Spanish steps at Piazza di Spagna, 23, 00187 Roma RM, Italy.


When we entered Babingtons we were very kindly welcomed and got seated at the back of the tea room where the airconditioner was. Oh my... it was really nice to feel a cool breeze at that moment because it was 35 degrees that day…




Due to the very hot weather in Rome, we decided to cool ourselves down with a Babingtons cherry ice tea. 



We were also very curious about their special blended teas that they based on the different monuments throughout Rome. Since we visited the Fontana di Trevi earlier that day we choose the Arrivederci Roma, a white Peony and Pai Mu Tan tea with lime, lemongrass and bergamot. Both the tea and the ice tea were absolutely delicious and unique on its own.




Their homemade meringue and cookies that we ordered a side was really nice too! It was not too sweet and the whipped cream that they used on top of the meringue had a very subtle rose petal flavour. Needless to say that it was gone in a matter of seconds.



And of course, we could not just leave without buying one of their teas for back home! Just look at the tea caddy!



We think this is one of the most stylish tea caddies we have ever seen. Babbingtons Blue Lady tea is a green tea with rhubarb, strawberries, figs, cherries and pineapple pieces. Can you already imagine how good it must smell and taste? A review of this tea will also follow soon.


If you ever plan a trip to Rome, we definitely recommend all the tea lovers to visit Babington's tea room! Next week we will upload a post of the tea boutique that we stumbled across while walking through the streets of Rome. 





  1. Are you disguised millionaires not used to good service ? This place is totally overpriced and the service terrible ! Read the postings on FB.

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