Author: Justina & Irwan

Citeas, Rome


Aug 8, 2017

After visiting the St. Peter’s Basilica we decided to walk back to our hotel located near the Spanish Steps. It was a 30 minutes walk via the Castel Sant'Angelo and the Ponte Sant'Angelo which is absolutely stunning.



While passing through a few alleys, we saw a lot of local coffee, wine and clothing boutiques but suddenly our eyes were locked on a few tea pots we saw in the near distance. Upon arriving at the store display we really got excited that we finally found a tea boutique here in Rome!




Tè Eteiere is the name of the tea boutique and is located at Via dei Banchi Nuovi, 37, 00186 Roma RM, Italië. When we entered the tea boutique we were very kindly welcomed by the owner of Tè Eteiere. She showed her marvellous tea collection with passion and of course we could not resist buying some for back home.





In addition to tea, she also sells a very nice collection of various tea accessories that is definitely worth to invest in.



As said before, the tea shop is not far away from Ponte Sant'Angelo and you can go straight to the Trevi fountain if you want. It is a perfect route to combine two must see monuments with a quick stop at a real Italian tea boutique  to bring a souvenier back for home!


Sadly our journey in Rome ends here today. But it is definitely not going to be our last one. Because you know what they say, eventually all roads lead back to Rome. 




Citeas, Rome


Aug 1, 2017


We are back in Italy! But this time in the eternal city, Rome. To our surprise, Rome has quite a few tea rooms to offer. We even found a tea boutique on the way! But we will save that for next week.


Today it is all about Babington’s tea room. A tea room located literally next to the famed Spanish steps at Piazza di Spagna, 23, 00187 Roma RM, Italy.


When we entered Babingtons we were very kindly welcomed and got seated at the back of the tea room where the airconditioner was. Oh my... it was really nice to feel a cool breeze at that moment because it was 35 degrees that day…




Due to the very hot weather in Rome, we decided to cool ourselves down with a Babingtons cherry ice tea. 



We were also very curious about their special blended teas that they based on the different monuments throughout Rome. Since we visited the Fontana di Trevi earlier that day we choose the Arrivederci Roma, a white Peony and Pai Mu Tan tea with lime, lemongrass and bergamot. Both the tea and the ice tea were absolutely delicious and unique on its own.




Their homemade meringue and cookies that we ordered a side was really nice too! It was not too sweet and the whipped cream that they used on top of the meringue had a very subtle rose petal flavour. Needless to say that it was gone in a matter of seconds.



And of course, we could not just leave without buying one of their teas for back home! Just look at the tea caddy!



We think this is one of the most stylish tea caddies we have ever seen. Babbingtons Blue Lady tea is a green tea with rhubarb, strawberries, figs, cherries and pineapple pieces. Can you already imagine how good it must smell and taste? A review of this tea will also follow soon.


If you ever plan a trip to Rome, we definitely recommend all the tea lovers to visit Babington's tea room! Next week we will upload a post of the tea boutique that we stumbled across while walking through the streets of Rome. 




CiteasMillingen aan de Rijn


Jul 18, 2017

At a 20 kilometres distance from Nijmegen or Arnhem, you can find a tea garden called De Millinger theetuin, a real hidden gem if you ask us! De Millinger theetuin is an oasis of peace where you can enjoy a couple of tea while being surrounded by nature. Just being there made us forget that we were in de Nederlandse polders, due to the exotic feel that the tea garden gave us. In addition to eating and drinking, you can also sign up for a variety of activities such as a workshop on tea and spice, meditation and yoga. They even organise an outdoor movie picnics and more. To take part of these activities you can simply sign up on their website,




Falling back on the hidden gem part, De Millinger theetuin is very well hidden. It is only accessible by foot or by bike. Of course, you can park the car nearby, but you can take a nice walk through the nature reserve, De Millingerwaard, of about 2 kilometres. Before you decide to go there, please have a look at the opening hours as well. During the summer season, de Millinger theetuin is open every day from 10:00 till 18:00. In the winter season, they are only open on Sundays. We have visited de Millinger theetuin in the summer and are very curious on how it looks in the winter when everything is covered in snow...


Location: Klaverland 9, 6566 Millingen aan de Rijn




Citeas, Amsterdam


Jul 13, 2017

We love to see that more and more restaurants and hotels in the Netherlands are offering loose leaves tea. Because it really saddens us when we are looking at a menu that displays all different kind of coffees and only offering the good ‘ol bagged earl grey, green and English blend tea.


Hotel de L 'Europe is one of the few hotels that really sets itself apart from other hotels and even restaurants, serving a fully pledged tea menu!



Furthermore, they also make all kinds of French pastries. Like having a small part of Paris right in our capital.





Another forte of Hotel de L’Europe is the beautiful classic interior. A room filled with diamond chandeliers and big paintings hanging on the walls. In the summer you can even sit outside on their terrace and enjoy the view of Amsterdam.




Be sure to stop by at Hotel de L’Europe located at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14, 1012 CP Amsterdam for a cup tea or even an Afternoon Tea and share us your experience!




Tea Talk


Jun 27, 2017


A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend of ours went to London and brought us detox teas from Harrods.

The Harrods Infusion Cleanse and Infusion Radiance comes in a beautiful caddy and contains tea bags made from silk.



The Infusion Cleanse is a very refreshing tisane that is made of peppermint, ginger and fennel. These ingredients help your body to restore its natural balance by cleansing and recovering it. We don not recommend drinking this detox tisane in the evening before you go to sleep because it is quite effective unless you are willing to go to the bathroom often in the middle of the night.




The Infusion Radiance is also a tisane but this one is made of hibiscus, rose hips and berries. A very interesting tea that is designed to improve the radiance of your skin. In our opinion, the flavour and effect of this tea are less intense than the Infusion Cleanse and might fall in good taste for those who like the more fruitier taste.



We definitely cannot wait to visit London ourselves and discover the teas that they offer. If you have any recommendations of tea rooms to visit let us know in the comment section below!

Tea Talk


Jun 20, 2017

The Camellia Sinensis from "Tea by me" is a tea plant that is produced especially for the climate of The Netherlands. This allows you to start your own tea plantation right in your backyard!


We bought this tea plant at the Dutch Tea Festival in Utrecht. You can say that it was love at
first sight and had to take one home with us!


Besides that it’s pretty amazing to have a tea plant in your backyard, balcony or in your living room, you can even process this tea plant into a green, black, white or even Oolong tea! The Camellia Sinensis favors moisture ground and air. So water it regularly. Even though this type of Camellia Sinensis can handle cold weather well, you still need to give this plant some winter protection.


Would you like to have this tea plant too? You can buy this Camellia Sinensis from "Tea by me" at (NL shipping)



Tea Talk


Jun 13, 2017

On Sunday 28th of May, we visited The Dutch Tea Festival and came across a lot of interesting tea brands. One of the tea brands that really surprised us with their concept is Cupkes!


Cupkes has a wide variety of tea selection but next to that they have a whole line dedicated to children named “Kekke Kinderthee“. That doesn’t mean that the tea is no longer meant for us grown-ups, but they are specially designed to make children drink more tea instead of soft drinks.




The reason why children might favour the Cupkes tea more than regular tea is because of the delicious aroma and the natural sweet taste that comes from the different types of dried fruits. Furthermore, the Kekke Kinderthee line doesn’t contain thein (theïne) and can be used to make ice tea too. Perfect for the upcoming summer. Just add some fresh fruits and you don’t want anything else!



When we received our Cupkes package it was a real joy to open it. Different types of teas packed in well-insulated bags and decorated with their own beautiful and colourful illustrations that the founder Marijke, designed!


We think that Kekke Kinderthee from Cupkes is a great and fun concept, which why it definitely is worth to try out. If you are curious about Cupkes and their tea, take a look at their website:

Tea Talk


Jun 6, 2017


The first time we experienced TWG was when we were in Singapore on our holiday. The tea room looked so inviting that we just had to have a couple of tea there. Of course, we were not the only one with this genius idea and had to wait 30 minutes to be seated, hoping it is worth the wait. And oh my... it definitely was!


We can still remember that we ordered the Singapore Breakfast Tea and since then this tea belongs to one of our all-time favourites. Now 1,5 years later we are still longing in the Netherlands for the TWG tea. Luckily two of our good friends went to Asia and brought some TWG tea for us. A couple from Hong Kong and also from Singapore. Of course, the Singapore Breakfast Tea was on the ordering list next to some new teas we wanted to try out, like the Coconut and the Holiday In Paris tea. The tea that we received are loose leaves but are also available in tea bags.



The coconut tea is a nutty flavored blend of black tea with small pieces of coconut. This tea is definitely for those who likes to drink their tea strong.


Holiday In Paris consist of rare Yin Zhen, vanilla, Nard and Wildflowers. This tea has a sweet and floral flavor. A tea that will fall into taste for those who have a sweet tooth.


Singapore Breakfast Tea is a natural blend of green tea, black tea, vanilla and some secret spices they won't reveal. We can say that the vanilla really mixes well with the spices they used. One of them is definitely cinnamon but the rest will remain a mystery. What we really like about the Singapore Breakfast and Holiday In Paris tea, is that they both have a very complex flavor. Something we don’t recognize but find very pleasant to taste. The experience of finding out new flavors is something we hope to come across more often while drinking perfumed tea.



For those who are not familiar with TWG, it is a tea brand that is founded in Singapore. They are specialized in the most exclusive teas. Every year their tea tasters are traveling around the world to make the most exclusive tea blend, and this is something you can definitely taste. Besides that, they also have a wide range of luxurious tea accessories.


If you ever want to experience the TWG tea, you can look up the nearest tea room on their website or order it online! In any case, we cannot wait to try out all the other tea blends because their tea in our opinion is so great that we often use it as a measurement to evaluate the quality of other perfumed teas.

Bocca Tea

Citeas, Amsterdam


Dec 27, 2016

A couple of days ago we went to a coffee house in Amsterdam called Bocca (yes, you are still on a tea blog.. just keep on reading). Some of you might know this place but for those who don’t, Bocca is very well known for their pure, honest and diverse coffee.
But this time they are taking a step further by partnering up with April Tea. You guessed it, they serve loose leaf tea now! And that is where it gets very interesting for us tea drinkers. So what kind of tea are they serving? what can we expect? To answer those questions, we were invited by April Tea to do a tea tasting at Bocca coffee house.





The first thing that we noticed while looking through their menu card is that they only serve pure tea. That is mainly because April Tea and Bocca has the same point of view on their products. Which is, serving products in their purest form while doing it in the most honest way. A very good perception if you ask us. Because nowadays there are a lot of tea houses and restaurants offering perfumed teas. So it is also nice for a change to drink pure natural tea without any added oils.




After going through the menu we received the following tea from one of the modest barista, Yakup Aydin (former number 1 barista from the Netherlands):
- Sencha (green tea)
- Zomba Pearls (white tea)
- Oriental beauty paired with spicy pear cake
- White Silver Needle tea



So what can you expect? The Japanese Sencha from April tea had a very refreshing aroma and when you roll it over your tongue it has a very light sweet taste and an almost sea weed like flavour. Truly amazing! Next to that, the Zomba Pearls is a white tea originated from Malawi, Africa, with a sweet flowery taste. It is perfect for light tea drinkers.




The Oriental Beauty oolong tea is considered as one of Taiwan’s top 10 teas. It is a highly oxidized and half fermented.  This tea would really fall in the taste of heavy flavoured tea drinkers. The Oriental Beauty has a honey and cinnamon like undertone. This particular tea was even paired with a spiced pear cake. This was actually the first time for us that we tasted a cake that was especially made to pair with a certain tea. We were quite surprised that the flavours blended well together. Maybe it was because both the tea and the cake had the same undertone. It is also nice to know that Bocca occasionally changes their pastries to fit another type of tea. Cool right!?



And last but not least the white silver needle tea. A white tea that has a light creamy and sweet taste. The silver needle tea is the most expensive variety among the white teas, as only top buds are used to produce the tea.



If you ask us what we think of Bocca right now, is that because of April tea, Bocca has become a very versatile place for people that loves pure products.


We would like to thank Bocca and April tea for their hospitality and tea tasting.


We are definitely coming back for the other tea paired pastries and tea ;-)!




Also be sure to visit Bocca yourself and let us know what you think of the place in the comment section!


Location: Kerkstraat 96HS, 1017 GP Amsterdam.